Reform fabric (The bands)

Specially constructed to use the natural characteristics of the polymer yarns, to create a grippy feel to the reverse of the fabric. They perform consistently time after time as an inherent part of the fabric.

Gently ‘gripping’ to your skin they offer a reusable alternative to K tape without removing hair or damaging your skin, creating an exoskeleton of support.

The inherent construction of the fabric means it is naturally sweat wicking, meaning no compromise on comfort throughout your training.

Power fabric

Econyl® Regenerated Nylon and Extra Life Lycra combine together to make a sweat wicking high power fabric made to minimise muscle oscillation and retain its strength wear after wear.

Easily washable and tumble dry friendly
, it won’t run, fade or become misshapen however hard you work it.

Resistant to chlorine, salt, (sweat), sun or other creams and oils, this fabric is the easiest most effective and reliable piece of your kit you’ll buy.

Therma Fabric

This air twisted textured nylon yarn combined with lycra helps to retain heat making it perfect for cooler temperatures, without compromising on moisture management. Strong and long lasting, it is both hard wearing and supple.  

A powerhouse fabric selected to reduce muscle oscillation and provide all over support this sweat wicking fabric will keep you warm and dry through the toughest of training. Especially suited to outside sports such as football, rugby and as base layers for skiing, Therma protects your muscles and optimises your temperature throughout training.