What is K-Tape?

K-Tape is a one time application tape that athletes wear, to get the full benefit it’s traditionally a trained individual whom would apply it. It is used to help stabilise joints and aid rehabilitation. Unbownd compression wear works on the same principle, only our compression wear does the work for you, every time you put it on.


Where did compression wear originate?

Compression wear has been used over some time in the medical profession, with the aim of treating circulation issues like lymphedema, post-surgery swelling and deep vein thrombosis. Today it is used more commonly in sports, as it can aid in muscle recovery and increase athletic performance.


How does it work?

We believe compression wear is about how your muscles move and work. Your body’s awareness of stress factors during different exercises.  Well-designed compression wear can improve blood flow, by optimising the blood flow to the muscles being used in a specific exercise, helping to circulate the blood back to the heart. In doing this, UNBOWND’s compression wear aims to increase the delivery of oxygen and key nutrients the muscle groups, improving performance and supporting the removal of waste products post-exercise. 


Is it just a fad?

Quite the contrary. There’s a whole host of published research which details the effects of compression, and how it helps athletes during and post-exercise. It’s also not just for professional athletes either, all fitness fans can benefit from the science behind compression wear. 

Have any other questions?

Contact us and let us know.