What is K-Tape?

It’s that blue tape you see athletes wear, which requires a trained individual to apply.  It is used to help stabilise joints and aid rehabilitation. The issue is, it’s a 1-time application thing. With UNBOWND compression wear, we take the stress out of the need to continuously apply K-Tape -  our compression wear does the work for you, effortlessly, time after time.


Where did compression wear originate?

For a long time, compression has been used in the medical profession with the aim of treating circulation issues like lymphedema, post-surgery swelling and deep vein thrombosis. Now, we see it being used in sports, as it can aid in muscle recovery and increase athletic performance. It seems only natural that integrating K-Tape technology into sportswear is the next step in compression wear, and we’ve got the tech to do just that.


How does it work?

Contrary to popular belief, compression wear isn’t just about tight-fitting clothing. It’s all about how your muscles move, and work, and how aware you are of how your body is performing to different exercises. Well-designed compression wear can improve blood flow – delivering blood to the muscles being used in a specific exercise, and the return of blood back to the heart. In doing this, UNBOWND’s compression wear can increase the delivery of oxygen and key nutrients to muscle groups to improve performance and help with the removal of waste products post-exercise, which all leads to a greater recovery process.


Is it just a fad?

Here at UNBOWND, we definitely don’t think that compression wear is a fad – quite the contrary. There’s a whole host of published research which impressively states the effects of compression, and how it helps athletes during and post-exercise. It’s also not just for professional athletes either, as evidence states that all fitness fans can benefit from the science behind compression wear.


What are the main benefits of investing in compression wear?

If you’re serious about your athletic output, you’ll invest in great gear to help you to achieve your goals.  UNBOWND compression wear can help to:

  • increase endurance performance meaning you can push yourself further, and for longer
  • increase your power output, optimising your body’s core temperature
  • reduce your injury risk – we love this one

These benefits all add up to create a fully rounded, incomparable training experience, leaving you to focus on those goals.


How is UNBOWND different?

If you look at a knee support, and the ways we tape our bodies for rehabilitation, the same kind of technology applies here at UNBOWND, but in the form of our specially developed materials, integrated into leggings and tops, providing a full body support system that can vary in power, depending on individual needs.


Have any other questions?

Contact us and let us know.