Ben Mudge

Ben Mudge - Unbownd Brand Ambassador


Tell us a bit about how you got to where you are today?

My name is Ben Mudge, I am from Belfast in Northern Ireland and I have been a coach/personal trainer for nearly 10 years. 

After working one-to-one in person with clients, I decided to take my business online so I could help more people. It also allowed me to support and educate members of the Cystic Fibrosis community. Due to the risk of cross-infection, people with CF cannot meet in person. 

This has been the most rewarding experience of my life, being able to work with the people who look to me the most when it comes to health and fitness. I love training obviously, but I love to just be active and I will try my hand at anything. I currently play flag American football and have been selected to play for the All Ireland team this year and next. 

I am also a huge film and comic book fan, so if you meet me there is a good chance this is what we would talk about the most! 

Why did you become an UNBOWND Ambassador? 

Recovery is a huge part of why I am as healthy as I am. Recovery and performance are a 50:50 split you can't expect a good performance if you aren't resting and recovering correctly. I love the goals and ambitions of the team behind the brand, and I am excited to see where this company will go in the future. Being an ambassador for anything is an honour and I do not work with companies unless they are aligned with my visions or goals.

 What advice would you give to someone thinking about joining the UNBOWND tribe? 

You will not find a more supportive and passionate brand out there. There are hundreds of clothing brands popping up every year, but I have not seen any that are taking the approach that UNBOWND are taking when it comes to mixing science with performance and style!

 Your favourite UNBOWND item and why? 

The thermal leggings and top! They have kept me warm through many winter sessions during flag football practice! Plus, they look so damn cool! They make me feel like a superhero too!

 What keeps you determined to push through when things get tough? 

I was born and grew up being told I couldn't do this or wouldn't be able to do that! I have proven with every year that I live that I can do a lot more than people said I would be able to do. Life is tough and it is not fair at all, the sooner people realise that, the easier it becomes.

 It is easy to give up when things are hard, it is easy to stop when your body or mind is telling you to stop. I push on because I want to live my life and do cool things while I am here. I want to help inspire and educate people with and without CF with my words and my actions!

 Your favourite and least favourite exercises?

A favourite is definitely the pull-up or any variation of it. My least favourite would be bicep curls! Just never got much from them! But I still do them.  

 Words you live by?

Life is short and very unpredictable, have fun!

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us” – Gandalf.