UNBOWND journey

We let your clothing work harder, so you go further.

Our brand has been on quite a journey from when we began back in 2015. Oscar Ryndzjewicz, the founder of UNBOWND, decided to take a leap into the  fitness wear  industry after snapping his knee cap and spending endless months taping up his own injury. Oscar decided that there must be an easier and more effective way than taping up, which was time consuming, not to mention costly to keep applying.

The idea of integrating k-tape into one streamline garment gave Oscar the determination to design products that have never been seen before. After 2 years of dedicating his life to prototyping countless iterations, Oscar committed to the outcome of developing a life-changing product for many people.

UNBOWND was born through the brand values of giving people the confidence, motivation and inspiration to go further and faster than ever before, on their fitness journey. Our aim is to continue to redefine possibilities and allow our customers to achieve anything they believe is possible.

The next chapter is starting now, UNBOWND is about to take on the next big challenge; the women. After months of planning and testing, we believe our new  womenswear collection  will make all women feel invincible, fearless, and unconditionally supported on their journeys. Stay tuned for more details on the  women's sportswear  which is coming in just a few short weeks.

The future is exciting, and with a growing team we are gathering new ideas of where to move next. Technology is forever changing and developing, therefore allowing us to explore and be creative. We are very excited about what UNBOWND becomes but staying true to our roots and core values is more than just important to us.

Push yourself to the limits, not our planet. This was a key message we wanted to live by from day 1, it doesn’t matter on the size of a company, anyone can do it. Our packaging is only the first step towards becoming a more socially and environmentally sustainable company.

When we say it, we mean it.

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