To juice or not to juice

There are thousands of different dietary adjustment trends circling around the internet these days. Amongst others, one that has gained a lot of publicity is juicing. So, we thought we’d share our own pros and cons and observations of this dietary craze.

Pros of juicing:

  • Many of us generally struggle to eat the daily recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, juicing is a great way to make sure we consume the 5-7 servings of different fruits and vegetables per day to refuel our immune systems.
  • Juicing is great for any produce, even older pieces of fruit and veg that are past their best. Instead of throwing them out, juice them! The nutrients are still within and you also limit your food waste.
  • Consumption of juices makes it easier for our bodies to digest the nutrients and use them to their full extent. Juicing is great for energy boosts as liquids are digested quickly and easily.

Cons of juicing:

  • Although juicing diets are advertised as great ways to achieve weight loss, the truth may be a little different. This is partly due to the increased amount of sugar consumption with increased use of fruits in the juices. For example; one apple can contain 5g of sugar, and to make a glass of apple juice you will need 3+ apples, therefore that can add up to 15+ grams of sugar in only one glass of juice. Also, increased intake of sugar can lead to large blood sugar swings which can in turn lead to diabetes.
  • If you do a 100% juice diet and have no intake of solid food you limit your body’s ability to use the healthy fibre in fruit and veg. Fibre is used to clean the intestines, helping with healthy bowel movements, and by not giving your body enough fibre you can risk serious health complications.
  • Unless you juice yourself at home, juicing diets can get you to reach deep down into your pockets. The availability of companies offering ready-made juice diet plans is great, however, be prepared to pay the price for the convenience of not having to juice yourself.

To be fair, juicing does sound like a great way to detox your body and could be an alternative to all those detox teas and coffees. However, medically speaking our bodies do not need juicing of teas to detox - our bodies detox on their own and the best way to ensure they are able to do it is by eating a wide variety of food, including vegetables, and fruits. Our bodies will take care of the rest.

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