It is terrifying for a non-runner to suddenly start running and even to imagine going as far as 5k in one go. There are many stereotypes around the running world, perceptions of thin and muscle lean runners looking magnificent and light while running. But the reality is different. Running can be for anyone, for all shapes and sizes, but what connects all those individuals is their determination. To be honest, it will take a lot of energy, sweat in the gym or outdoors and time out of your life, but the reward is so worth it. Here are out little tips on motivation and how to get to your first 5k and feel awesome!



  • Find a likeminded soul

This person is either also looking into starting running as well or is someone who would be able to help you and guide you through your journey. Running and exercise will get so much easier if you have a buddy to share your thoughts and have someone to go on this journey with.


  • Sign up for a run

Go online and find a local 5k run that is ideally in about 2-3+ months’ time, which gives you enough time to practice, take it slow, and build your runner-confidence without having to panic. There are hundreds of runs constantly happening all around the world, so why not use an event as a motivation to get to your first 5k?! There are colour runs, charity runs, or just runs organised by local sports societies, there definitely will be an event you will get excited about, so go ahead and sign up.


  • Wear the correct gear

Start from shoes. Make sure you are wearing good quality shoes that will support you correctly and won’t weight much (to not slow you down). We also recommend comfortable clothes that won’t restrain you. The UNBOWND ReForm range would be ideal for helping you get the most out of your runs by increasing your dynamics and endurance while also supporting your recovery time.


  • Start off slow

Running is like learning to walk all over again. It takes time, practice, but each time and the more often you go, you will find yourself going further and achieving better times. We recommend for you to make a schedule for yourself and your weekly goals. Whether you are a complete beginner or somewhat experienced runner returning to the sport, a schedule will come in handy. Start with swift walks and slowly build up to jogging and eventually to a comfortable running pace.


  • Mix up the running style

Hilly terrain will help with your endurance by running uphill with shorter bursts of energy. Sprints will increase your speed when on a straight terrain and therefore will help to carve off those final minutes of your run and will provide you with extra strength that you will need on the race day. Find a nearby hill, run up swiftly which will increase your heart rate, then jog down, and sprint up again. Repeat these 5 times at least per training and you will see your running time decline and overall energy and feeling of your body uplift.


  • Make a killer playlist

Let’s be honest, most of us feel so much more motivated to work out when we listen to super encouraging banger playlists. So why not make one for your running training to help you get in the right mindset and keep you motivated from first step to the last!


The important thing is that you are happy and going at a pace that is comfortable for yourself. There is no point in rushing to run the 5k if it makes you feel out of breath and miserable afterwards. Remember that your lungs, heart, and muscles will adapt much quicker than your ligaments, tendons, and bones. Pay attention to your body and take care that minor aches don’t grow into major setbacks. Customise the schedule to your needs; you can also add one day for conditional training in the gym which will also help your endurance. Just remember to not stress about the time or pace at first, it is about building your confidence, getting used to everything, and learning to enjoy running.


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