Posture important

A healthy lifestyle is not only about eating right and exercising regularly, it is also about positive body image and that comes hand in hand with having and maintaining a good posture. Good posture will make you move (and look) better, and you might find that lots of little aches and pains also disappear.

Good posture not only keeps you looking good on the outside, it will also help your inner-self. Keeping your back straight has numerous health benefits because it decreases aches and pains, limits overuse of joints, prevents fatigue, keeps your frame in the correct alignment which in turn helps with more efficient use of energy and correct use of muscles, and prevents the spine from becoming less flexible. On top of that, straight posture allows you to use your lungs’ capacity to the maximum without any restrictions and it will improve your blood circulation. Yoginis have known the physical and emotional benefits of good posture and good breathing for millennia.

When you are at work, and if you tend to sit a lot, try taking short walks to break down the sitting time. While sitting down align your back by pushing your shoulder blades down, planting both your feet firmly on the ground and aligning your hips, shoulders, and ears into one line.

Try including yoga into your routines, simple 5-10 minute stretching before and after your workout will help to elongate our joints and improve flexibility of the spine, neck and shoulders. For a more detailed introduction on yoga and its benefits check out our article here.

The Undownd ReForm range with integrated kinesiology tapes will help you keep correct posture whenever you wear the garment. Keeping shoulder blades down with straight alignment of the spine is especially important when training, as it is crucial for ensuring correct scapular position.

So, what are you waiting for? Stand up straight, push your shoulders down and walk with confidence. You will see your mood improving with this positive mindset, you will enhance your respiratory capacity, blood circulation, digestion, protect your joints, relax your muscles, support your spine, increase your core strength and overall appearance, so why not give it a go?!

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