If you’re struggling to get yourself going with summer being long gone and the shorter fall days make you less than keen on exercising, don’t worry! We’ve got a way to help you! The National fitness day is here again and we’re ready to turn up and kick a$$!

Living in a fast-paced world, where internet helps to remove physical borders and distances become insignificant has its advantages; so, don’t hesitate and head out to join in on all the fun! 

Go outside!

Even though the days are getting shorter, colder, and darker, there are still sunny days ahead of us, so go outside, run down the street and back a few times, go to a park and power walk, or find a spot for a short HIIT or circuit sesh out in the wild. You will feel refreshed and happy because you’ve done something for yourself today!


Try a new class!

Nothing says ‘come at me winter, I’m ready’ better than joining in a new class at your gym! We’re all for adventures and testing out new territories, so go ahead and do a spin, body pump, boxing or any other group lesson you might want to try out! Remember that summer bodies are made in winter, and winter’s coming, so there’s no time to spare ;)


Keep warm!

Having the right sports clothes for autumn/winter outdoors workout is essential. You don’t want to be sweaty the second you go out because you’re wearing too much, but also don’t want to feel cold and immobile because of the lack of heat. Finding the right materials and textures that will ensure you won’t be cold, suffer from chills after working out, and that will keep you isolated is a good idea with colder months approaching.


Stretch and warm up!

Now is the time to really pay attention to your warm up routine. Making sure your muscles are warm means you won’t risk injuring yourself and aching. Stretching can help you elongate joints and warming up will ensure your body will be able to perform the way you’d expect it to.


But most important of all things; HAVE FUN!

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