Introducing Shape-fit

The wait is over ladies. It’s time to show you all what we’ve prepared for you!

Introducing Shape-fit, the perfect leggings you never knew you were missing. Moisturising, shaping, collagen promoting leggings with a revolutionary yarn that delivers extra cosmetic benefits, for a slimmer body and smoother, tighter skin to make you feel amazing! It doesn’t matter what your fitness goal is, we are here to support you on your journey and to give you the tools to redefine your own limits!

Whether you want to lose a few pounds, train for an upcoming race, lift heavier weights, or just to feel amazing in your activewear; Shape-fit is here for you. We completely redesigned the traditional leggings. Shape-fit leggings are made to contour your shape, accentuate your figure, provide core support, and are completely squat proof. And we didn’t stop there! We’ve lined them with mineral infused yarn which uses far infrared rays (FIR) to gently warm the deeper layers of the skin. Aloe Vera is also added to help moisturise your skin and make it feel smooth, hydrated, and healthy.  

Designed for women by women, Shape-fit comes in high and super high waist to provide maximum comfort during exercise. Our top-quality materials will ensure your leggings will not stretch out of shape, nor slide down during exercise. We offer maximum comfort and support for women of all shapes and sizes. We believe beauty should not be defined by shape and size because beauty comes from within.

Shape-fit is the future of fitness wear. Join in on the journey and enjoy an unconditional support and comfort in our Shape-fit leggings and matching bras and vest-tops.  

Coming in Spring 2019! 

We’re excited for what we can all do together.


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