Immune system support

With the cold weather approaching fast and winter getting closer, it’s super important to keep warm and support your immune system, after all, no one likes being ill! Question is, how?

As we know people may struggle to stay a 100% with their busy lifestyles, but not to worry! We have prepared some tips for you to keep you and your family healthy and strong this winter season.


We’ve all been there, extra few minutes in bed before we get up and all of a sudden you’re rushing to work with no breakfast. Not this time! Breakfast is extremely important, especially when flu season is just round the corner. Not having your breakfast can cause your blood sugars to drop. Low blood sugar can raise stress levels, at which point your body will try to fight the stress, meaning lower immunity.

Stay active

We know it’s cold and ugly outside and you just want to lounge at home all day, but staying active is really important. So grab your friends and family and do something fun together! Walk in the park, or maybe ice skating, whatever suits you better. Staying active will not only help you control your weight over winter but will also boost your immune system. Check out our  fall workout post, for some inspiration.

Zinc and Garlic

Zinc is a mineral critical for healthy cell development as it boosts our immunity. Eating foods rich in zinc is the best way to prevent illnesses. There are many foods which contain high levels of zinc, such as shrimp, beef and chickpeas!

Add some flavour to your meals with garlic, not only does it make your food taste great, garlic has a high sulfur content, as well as potent antibiotic actions. Garlic supports your liver to more effectively carry out detoxification, as well as that, garlic has many other health benefits.

Whatever the weather, it is always important to stay active and healthy, Wearing the correct  sportswear can also help you. Here at  UNBOWND we’re active all year round, so check out our gear and other lifestyle fitness tips.

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