How to gain muscle without gaining fat

We all have our own fitness goals, but no doubt that the most popular goal is to lose weight and gain muscle. As easy as this may sound a lot of people struggle, this is due to many different factors. Here is a few tips on how to gain muscle without gaining fat:

The right training programme

You need to set yourself the correct diet and training. If you are unsure how, it may be worth checking in with a dietician or a personal trainer to set such plan for you.

First, it must ensure your calorie intake is going toward muscle repair, recovery and growth, which means you need to lift weights 3–4 times per week. Your workouts need to be consistent and weight focused - heavy, complex exercises targeting several muscle groups at once.

Stretch your limits

Each day may seem harder but believe me, it will get easier with time. That's why it is important that with each time that you go to the gym you try and do a little bit more than the last time. Add some extra weights or repeat the workout a couple more times. That way, you are constantly challenging your body and creating improvements.

Eat well

Creating the correct diet plan may be difficult. Make sure that your meals contain lots of proteins, you should be having 1.6–1.7 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight.

You also have to make sure to eat the right amount of calories. Too many calories can result in fat gain and too little will restrict you from gaining muscle. This is why it may be helpful to contact a dietitian.

Produce evidence

It may be hard to see results straight away, so it is important to keep track of your progress by taking pictures of yourself. Taking a picture of your body in the same position once a month will not only help to see results but also help you decide where you need more improvements.

Remember whatever you do, it is really important to find balance and stay healthy. If you struggle to see results, contact a personal trainer they will be able to advise you and show you where you’re going wrong.

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