Find your passion

Love what you do and do what you love. A sentence many of us hear very often but find hard to grasp. The key to finding your passion is in trying your best at all you do. Putting your heart into your work can make you not only more invested in your job or hobby, but also influence the rest of your time in a very positive way.

If you find yourself doubting your career or start to doubt yourself with your hobbies and ability to succeed, it’s always good to take a step back and examine why you do what you do, how it makes you feel, how do you want it to make you feel, and if you can change anything.

 Answering those questions honestly often leads to solutions that will make your outlook on life turn around. Let’s say you hate leg days at the gym. Why you do leg days? Because you want to be strong and feel great in your own body. How it makes you feel? Tired, sore, and powerless. How do you want to feel? Strong, fit, and ready to tackle obstacles. Can you change anything? Try altering the routine and play around with lower weights and more reps or use different machines. But most importantly keep on repeating “I love leg day”. Subliminally condition your mind to associate positive attitude with leg days. Saying it out loud at home before going for a leg day session and repetition of the sentence in your head while exercising can go a long way with boosting your energy and overall attitude towards the activity.

Also try out new things, join new clubs, go for gym classes you’ve never gone to before, make a new friend, or two, just experience something new by stepping outside of your comfort zone. This can prove to be very beneficial, because you might find out that although you don’t enjoy leg days at the gym, you perceive Pilates refreshing, or body pump challenging enough but not overpowering, and you end up getting a leg day workout in without even realising it! Love what you do and do what you love!

Let us know in the comments below what are your passions or struggles, and let’s build a supporting community full of likeminded individuals ready to support each other!

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