Fall workout

Leaves on the track - The single most annoying excuse used by train companies for being late. But, you know what? Maybe they have a point. Travelling fast over leaves could be a one-way ticket to slip-city. Whether you are running, worse, cycling, or doing something so crazy only crossfitters would even dream of – 100m handstand hurdles anyone? – watch out for slippery patches. As fall turns to winter things only get worse, with rain and ice out to get you too. As much as we love to train outdoors, sometimes it is safer to bring it back indoors. 

As we approach Fall, the time of the year when leaves start falling of the trees and our motivation to do an outdoors workout falls with them, here’s our tips on how to battle shorter daylight, colder mornings, and rainy days while staying active.

Fall is an ideal time to take up that gym class you have been thinking about forever and didn’t find the time for it yet. Why not venture out and try that killer combat class, boxing, or how about a new yoga class or meditation? We're sure all of these will keep you warm. These will vary based on your gym’s offering, but don’t shy from having a wild imagination and if there is something you have been craving to try, even if it is at anther gym, DO IT! 

Although fall might not be ideal for running, and if you are one of us who suffers from coldness (~like all the time~) but still enjoys the outdoors, try hiking. Take a group of friends for a weekend adventure in the mountains, hills, or plains of your surrounding area. Explore and maybe you’ll find completely new corners of beautiful nature that you never knew was on your doorsteps while getting a workout in.

Lastly, for the house-potatoes who as soon as they see a leaf fall down a tree and cuddle up under a blanket with tea or pumpkin spice late (~yes, we said it~), why not try a new interesting online class from the comforts of your house?! You can wear your PJs and jump around, as long as you keep up your exercise and have fun, you’ll feel great! GUARANTEED. 

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