Enjoy your walk

Many don’t realise but walking is an excellent form of exercise. It is great for anyone who wants to start a healthy lifestyle but is unsure how, regular walks are a great starting point. One problem many people find with walking is that they get bored with it quickly. We have some tips for you on how to make you walks more fun.


Walk with a rhythm

Listening to music during your walks is super helpful. The right music can help you set a pace whilst you’re walking and the beat of the music can help you maintain strong, rhythmic pace. So, go ahead and create yourself a playlist, experiment with music to see what suits you most.


Change it up

You don't have to walk at the same pace the whole time. Make things more interesting and break up your walk. Adding a 2-minute fast pace walk every 10 minutes can really break things up and make your walk more interesting but also more intense.

Challenge yourself

Maybe you find walking boring because it isn't challenging enough. Add weights such as weighted vest during your walk. This will not only make your walk harder but will help you burn more calories. Try ankle or wrist weights, adjust the weight so that it is comfortable and challenge yourself each time you go for a walk by doing a longer distance or increasing the weight.

Whatever you do, don’t give up! If you find yourself getting bored of your exercises, spice them up. Staying healthy is super important so don’t forget to give yourself recovery breaks and keeping a balanced diet alongside your exercise.

Here at UNBOWND we want to make sure you have fun with your fitness. Check out our other blog posts for more ideas and motivations.

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