Easy home workout

We all know the feeling when we get motivated on the way home from work to go and hit the gym, but the second we get home the motivation drops to zero and we end up sitting on the couch watching Netflix instead of going out and exercising. An easy solution for this is to work out from home and do a 30-60 minute workout with very little equipment, or none at all.

To work out at home you’ll only need your determination, but if you do want to use equipment you have available then go ahead and put it to use! We recommend using a mat to prevent from slipping, but the rest is completely up to you. You can also improvise with weights by using water bottles.


Here is our easy 30 minutes home circuit guide;

Warm up (5 minutes) - jogging in place, jumping jacks, high knees

Stretch (2 minutes) - arms, legs, torso

Circuit, repeat 3-4 times with 2 minutes rest in between each round

  • Squats (can add weights, or elastic resistance band) for 1 minute (10 seconds rest)
  • Mountain climbers for 1 minute (10 seconds rest)
  • Lunges (can add weights) for 1 minute (10 seconds rest)
  • Plank for 1 minute (10 seconds rest)
  • Body dips for 1 minute (use chair or couch) (can add elastic resistance band)(10 seconds rest)
  • Sit ups for 1 minute (10 seconds rest)
  • Wall sit for 1 minute (can add elastic resistance band) (2 minutes rest)

 Stretch (5 minutes) - arms, legs, torso, spine


Don’t forget to put on a killer playlist to keep you motivated because what’s a workout without good music?! Make your own motivating workout playlist with your favourite hits and enjoy every minute of your workout!

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