Boxing as the way of life

High intensity? Check. Co-ordination? Check. Strength, power and endurance? Check, check, check. Adding boxing sessions into your workout routines will help you with all of these and more! If you want to try a new and exciting workout to engage your whole body then go for it!

Boxing will target your legs, core, arms and coordination. There’s a lot of technique to master, and by focusing on building your technique first you will then be able to enjoy the process a lot more than working out just for the sake of it. 

Before you go on and start punching the bag, take on shadow boxing and jump rope, continue with burpees, squats, and bar pull ups. Then wrap your hands and get ready to start punching.

When you look at professional fighters, they never stay in place, they always move around to keep momentum and never stay in one spot for too long to give the opponent a chance to hit them. By practicing feet movement in the gym while punching a bag you will work on your cardio, increase calf strength, and get your body used to the technique.

The same goes for head movement. Head movement is crucial in fights as, again, it will limit the time your opponent can strike. There are multiple ways of how to practice your head movement;

  • Stretch some rope at head level across the ring/area of your training and go back and forth while ducking underneath it from side to side.
  • Split a mirror in half with a tape or draw a line on it and then move your head from side to side and up and down never staying in one spot for long.
  • If you don’t have a mirror in the gym or nowhere to tie the rope, make a mental note of a line on your punching bag and do the same, just keep moving.

Mastering these two techniques will get you a great foundation for then mastering the punch and getting your game on. Sooner than you realise it, you will build your strength and will be able to punch the bag with confidence and passion to progress further.

Boxing is a great way to break a sweat, build technique, strength, and overall one of the best ways to workout, because it will give you the ultimate roadmap to reaching your fitness goals.

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