Best type of running for your body type

Running is a great form of exercising. Some people may be better at running than others, and there are many factors which may have an impact on the way you run, such as your body type.

In general, there a three different body types:


This body type is very slim and narrow, people with this body type find it very hard to gain weight, due to their fast metabolism which burns consumes calories quickly. If this is your body type and you are looking to start working out, sessions should be short but intense.


This body type has a large bone and muscle structure, which naturally gives the appearance of an athletic physique. Losing and gaining weight with this body type is fairly easy, making it the perfect body type for bodybuilding.


This is a solid and usually soft body type. Endomorphs find it very easy to gain weight. People with this body type are usually short with thick arms and legs, they tend to have a lot of strength in the upper part of the legs. As people with this body type gain weight fast, it is essential for them to always train cardio alongside weight training.

Now that you are able to narrow down your body type, you may be wondering what type of running is best for you? Check out our  beginner runner guide and the tips below:

Distance running

If you’re a person with a lower body weight, this will benefit you as you have a lighter load to carry. The best long distance runners are average in height and have a slim build.


Tall people with a muscular build and narrow hips, tend to be successful sprinters. Larger muscles benefit sprinters as they can store more fuel to quickly deliver power.

Your body type should not keep you from any type of running. No matter if you are short and thin and prefer sprinting, or tall and overweight and like distance running, as long as you are having fun and staying healthy, that’s all that matters!

Remember, whichever running style you go for, it is important to wear the correct running shoes to avoid injuries such as shin splints. It is also important to take care of your body by wearing supportive activewear, such as  compression wear, for  muscle support and regeneration.  

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