Adrenaline Junkies: Part 6 South America

Welcome to the sixth and also last edition of Adrenaline Junkies! In this edition, we be looking at the top three adrenaline adventures you can experience in South America. Adrenaline seekers will definitely enjoy these activities. If you haven’t yet, have a look at our previous editions of Adrenaline Junkies from Europe, North America, Oceania, Asia, and Africa & Middle East to get inspired for adrenaline filled trips. We hope you enjoyed the series like we did! 


Hang gliding - Brazil

            If you are planning a trip to Rio de Janeiro you should consider adding hang gliding to your itineraries. This experience will leave you in awe when seeing the beautiful nature and city life of Rio from a bird’s perspective. You will be matched up with an experienced instructor who will take you on a flight of your life. You will take just a few steps before plunging down and gliding across the sky above one of the most spectacular places on Earth. 


Mountain biking on a volcano – Ecuador

            Mountain biking is a popular sport, but what if you tried to volcano bike! You can experience a bike descend from over 15,000 ft. from Ecuador’s Cotopaxi volcano. This ride won’t be easy, as you will have to deal with climbing up 15,000 ft. first and acclimatising to the altitude, before hopping on a bike and riding down the volcano on muddy and gravel covered slopes. If this doesn’t spike up your adrenaline levels, what else would? The visibility can often be limited due to the high altitude, clouds form around and it can even rain as you descend, but it is a one of a kind experience to add to your adrenaline junkie bucket list.


Sand boarding – Peru

            For snow and winter sports lovers, there’s a special treat to find in Peru. Whether you ski or snowboard, you can experience your bellowed sport on sand! It sounds fun and adventurous, imagine strapping your gear on in summer weather and cascading down hills of sand. This paradise can be found south of Lima, where you will be able to take boarding lessons based on your skills and then venture out in a buggy to the surrounding dunes. The crossover between a winter sport and dessert setting will leave you breathless.


This is all from our adrenaline junkies. If you’ve got any tips for more adventurous holidays and trips let us know in comments below or on Twitter! We hope you enjoyed adrenaline junkies series that took you all around the world from Europe, to Africa, Asia, Oceania, North and South America.

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