Adrenaline Junkies - Pt.2 North America

Welcome to the second edition of Adrenaline Junkies. If you’ve seen our first post on  European adventures, then you know what awaits you. For those seeing this for the first time, here’s what we’ve prepared. Adrenaline filled activities will give you an amazing and thrilling experience. There’s people who look for adventures and aim to conquer their fears and limits at every go, but there are also these who prefer to just watch. Whichever one category do you belong to, you can gain some ideas here to inspire you to venture out and seek the thrill.

The second destination we will cover is North America. These are our top 3 picks for adrenaline filled activities.

Bobsled – Calgary, Canada

Are you a winter sport enthusiast? Ever thought of trying bobsledding? There’s not many places in the world where you can experience this thrilling ride of going down an icy slope at 100 km/h! Calgary was home to the 1988 Winter Olympic Games and the bobsled course is still open for people to experience the ride and force that athletes go through every day when training. Definitely one to add into your bucket list!



Become an astronaut – USA

Who has ever dreamt about becoming an astronaut? Well, we’ve got some good news for you! You can! (sort of).  Zero-G offers flights that will literally make you fly! You will experience zero gravity and feel weightless because the plane’s rapid climb to high altitudes (32,000 feet) where you will feel the pull of gravity first (up to 1.8G) and when the plane tips forward and starts to descend again you will start flying, this is called a parabola.  The parabolas are repeated multiple times during the flight, allowing you to get the most out of your weightless experience. There’s numerous locations in the USA where these flights take place, so have a look online and see for yourself!


Canyoning – Mexico

Mexico is home to some beautiful canyons and hiking trails. You can experience a thrilling day full of climbing, cliff jumping, rock sliding, swimming, rafting, cave climbing, and hiking. There’s a few companies that offer these day tours and make sure you are safe and don’t injure yourself. On the other note though, cliff jumping into natural ponds and little lakes can be very thrilling, especially if you’re not a fan of heights.


Extreme sports are more and more enjoyed by a bigger quantity of people who seek the joy and quick heart beat to feel in the moment. If you’ve done any exciting and thrilling trips in North America let us know in the comments below! There’s never a day when we don’t want to hear about new experiences and places to put onto our bucket list.  

Make sure to check back and see the rest of our Adrenaline Junkie experiences from   Europe and all around the world. 

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