Adrenaline Junkies - Pt.1 Europe

Who doesn’t like a little bit of adrenaline rush? There’s some who don’t go out looking for it, but yet find themselves doing adrenaline-filled activities anyway, and then there’s those who go out seeking the next big thrill. We have picked our favourite must-do adrenaline junkie experience on each continent, so that you can see what awaits you anywhere you go!

As first destination we will cover Europe. We have picked 3 activities that will definitely send your heart racing. Are you ready?

World’s Fastest Zip Line in Wales, UK

Ever wanted to try ziplining? An old slate mine zip line called Velocity 2 from Zip World in Wales will take your breath away. You will be flying down strapped to a wire at a speed of over 100mph! If that doesn’t make you scream than what will? Up to four people can fly down at once, side by side, oozing through the air at an unbelievable speed. This zip line was built to bring tourism into another region of Wales. While you’re there also check out other activities you can do at Zip World, they offer various activities such as forest treetop adventures and underground cave bounce world.


Heli skiing in the Alps

Ideal for winter sports enthusiasts who want to take their skiing or snowboarding a step further. Why not jump onboard of a helicopter and then descend a mountain on the freshest powder snow you’ve ever seen? The European Alps are ideal for this, you can try Heli skiing in Austria, Switzerland and Italy. There are numerous companies that offer this adrenaline filled experience, that will provide you with safety kits, arrange gear rentals and make sure you have the best experience possible. Tours range from 1 day to 6-day packages, with or without accommodation and other benefits such as ski passes. As this experience is quite pricey, it’s always smarter to go in a group (splitting costs of the helicopter and guide) so why not plan your next getaway with the gang in the European Alps?


Ice climbing in Iceland

Climbing, an activity most of us are likely to try out during our lifetime. Ice climbing, however, not as much. Head over to Iceland to experience glacier hiking and ice-climbing all in one jaw dropping day! Many companies offer these experiences and therefore there is enough to choose from. The best is to go in a small group which will allow you to spend more time adventuring and climbing and will give you an overall better service and experience!



Let us know in the comments what other adventurous trips have you done around Europe, or which ones are you planning on doing! We always love to hear from you.

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