A runner's journey

UNBOWND was born to redefine limits. We have brought a whole new meaning to the market for compression wear. From leggings to tops, our ReForm technology offers revolutionary fitness products that help our customers go further and faster than ever before.

Don’t just take our word for it, read all about how our exclusive compression leggings transformed Adam’s whole running experience, while also preparing him for future marathons.

“First off, I'm not exactly in elite runner's shape. Even though I have completed 10 half marathons, I am still around 6 feet tall and weigh around 20 stone.

I first tried the men's leggings last fall when running the Rock 'n' Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon. In terms of terrain, it was very reminiscent of the Great North Run. The course had a lot of elevation changes, including some steep up hills. Like the Great North Run, Mile 12 was mostly uphill and relentless!

Before this, I used compression socks and sleeves for races and longer training runs, and they did help increase circulation and reduce shin splint pains. I was not ready for how amazing I felt wearing the leggings in Brooklyn.

The leggings did more wonders for every muscle in my legs than compression sleeves did for my calves. Yes, everything stayed compact, and I felt significantly less friction (and little to no sweat rash!). The ReForm bands gave me something extra I have never experienced before in a race.

On uphill sections and at all times in the race, I felt an extra explosiveness in my stride. I was able to power up hills with a lot less strain than with running shorts alone. At points in the race, I turned to my wife in disbelief, telling her how much more power I felt wearing the leggings. I owe it all to the ReForm bands!

I am scheduled to run two more half marathons this year, and I am looking forward to wearing them during the race. In addition to that, I look forward to wearing them afterward to see how they feel for recovery.”

Kickstart your fitness with UNBOWND and experience exercise like never before!

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